You are currently viewing REACTIVATION AND REPOWERING OF THE R / JUBONES – 2001


Design, calculations and implementation of the reactivation, modification and repotentiation of a Tug that was abaned for several years. The whole Stern was modified to be able to fit 2 propulsion lines. The power was increased from 1000 HP to 2000 HP.

Towed to the boathouse because of loss of propulsion
Entering the boathouse
Mounting new keel aft
New sternpost to the sides. Old sternpost removed
Mounting of new frames aft
Construction of the two new blades
Stern at the beginning showing only one propuldsion line
Stern finished with two new propulsion lines

The Rio Jubones tugboat belonging to the SEREPOR company of Puerto Bolivar, was inoperative for several years, to the point that several equipment had been disassembled and lost, it was brought to Guayaquil from Puerto Bolivar with another trailer, and returned to Puerto bolivar with its own propulsion lines

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