R/ ROBERT H – 2008

The ROBERT H project involved transforming (modifying, repowering and adapting) this tug of a single propulsion line into a tug of two propulsion lines. This job was done for Port Authority of Puerto Bolívar.


  1. Prepare the drawings of the final design obtained through calculations, structural, propulsion and stability
  2. Disassembly of the main engine and its elements
  3. Build frames to widen the stern, giving more sleeve to place two propellers
  4. Construction and adaptation of the new machine bases
  5. Construction of the new tunnels and codastes
  6. Construction in shaft workshops, cable glands, propeller modification
  7. Construction of the new government system
  8. Construction of fuel and freshwater tanks
  9. Construction of new circuits, fuel, fresh water, bilge and ballast
  10. Adaptation of new stern cloths
  11. Adaptation of entrance to machine room
  12. Adaptation of the new habitability
  13. Equipment assembly: Communication and navigation
  14. Hull protection: sandblasted and painted
  15. Testing and delivery
The tug at the beginning of the project, with only one propulsion line
Modification and increase of stern frames
New hulling
The blades were modified to the sides to increase the contact area
New hull finished

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