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Modification and Repowering of Yacht Sea Lion

A total modification and redistribution was made. The yacht was redesigned to increase its speed from 7 knots to 12 knots.

The yacht at the entrance of the boathouse
Disassembly of propulsion to modify
Side without frames
Roof without structural and wood arrangement
Deck arrangement, dismantling unnecessary weights
Performing a speed test to determine weight distribution and speed
Government prior to dismantling due to its bad location. It was in the middle section
Sea shots improperly located at the bottom of the hull
Reinforcement of the entire helmet by placing frames, which did not have
All reinforced main deck
Suitable sea box located in the bottom hull
Better design and implementation of Government on the yacht
Riding new buttresses and tunnel in sternpost
Aligning the horn of the buttresses
Aligning from the inside
Melting the chockfast orange in the barrels of the buttresses
Salon and government bridge finished
Reinforced and finished sun deck
Almost finished, tuning last touches on habitability
Speed obtained in the final tests, 12.0 knots, when at the beginning it only reached 7 knots

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