Modification of Barge Alexia

The barge Alexia had two lines of propulsion with two nozzles constructed by hand without any calculation of propulsion. The entire deck and gate was totally damaged. The respective propulsive calculation was made, the stern was modified by mounting a single propulsion line, the entire main deck was restructured, and a new gate was constructed.

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Modification of M/V Galapagos Legend

According to the shipowners of the M / V Galapagos legend, it was necessary to move and expand the main hall from the bow to the middle section. It was decided to eliminate the side corridors and build a 15-meter room that extends from port to starboard. The main problem was that due to the various commitments acquired from the ship it had to be done afloat or build the blocks in the workshop on land and then assemble them from a dock. In this way the commitments with their passengers would not be sacrificed. The second option was taken

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Reactivation and Upgrade of Stella Maris Yacht

Yacht Stella Maris, 38.15 x 7.60 x 4.60 meters. The master deck is extended, a new internal distribution of cabins is built. 3 cranes were disassembled and a crane was mounted on the bow. Laying of the missing circuits and their modifications was made. All structural works were executed in naval aluminum, with qualified welders. General plans and construction details were also made.

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ABS Classified Yacht Santa Cruz II Upgrade

The ship Santa Cruz II, is a yacht classified with American Bureau of Shipping (A.B.S.). In this yacht 8 fundamental changes were made with the approval of the ABS: Elongation of deck 3 aft,Gym construction,Transfer of 2 cranes to an upper deck,Modification of the central bulkhead,Modification of the roof in empty spaces,Construction of two sea boxes,Various works in aluminum

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Modification of Tugboat Corsario V

Modification and Repowering of the Tugboat "Corsair V". The propulsion was changed from one line to two lines. The capacity of the fuel tank was increased and a redistribution of weights was carried out throughout the vessel, to obtain the best draft for a better efficiency in its crossing. The superstructure was improved, to provide greater comfort for the crew.

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